The Power of Love

Love is the ultimate power and is the source and meaning of every moving, living thing!  Love is the mechanism that controls everything!  Love is the most practical and necessary part of this world!  Without love there would be no world or universe or cosmos or God!  To carry on, a person needs nothing more than to be in love.  To be in love is to be in the protective flow of the river, because the power of love is endless.  To live in love is to live in light.  Everything in this world yearns for light and moves towards it because, being deprived of light and love means the same as drying out on the riverbank.  The darkest place in the world, and all that which is not from love, cries out for love and reaches for the light.  Back to the light, back to where everything once had its beginning!  Whoever denies light and love screams for love.  Whoever denies oneself and the world, begs for love in oneself and the world!  Because the universe proceeds on affirmation, not denial.  This, too, is knowledge to which everyone has an absolute right.  But how often do you have to dry out as a droplet on the shore before you reach an understanding of choice and preference?  That is your own choice.  The universe gives you a choice and the ability to choose but you have to take the responsibility for your choice.  Your choice reveals your participation in, and your interaction with, the whole.


I had a dream

I had a dream ….


I had a dream that chaos ruled the world, but, when I awoke, I found myself in a world which was full of harmony and plenty.


I had a dream where people wasted their lives on anger, enmity and revenge, but when I awoke, I found myself among loving and supportive people.


I had a dream of lonely and unhappy people, who await their miserable destiny with fear and weariness, but when I awoke, I was inspired by people who had dedicated themselves to the development of soul and mind creating a brighter light together.


I had a dream, where people had locked themselves into unions, cliques, associations, parties, corporations and blind national chambers, where they directed plans to conquer and destroy each other and the world, but, when I awoke, I found myself in a State of Peace of universal love, respect, justice, openness, friendship and mutual understanding.


I had a dream ….


I awoke ….